Getting Married?

Prenuptial Agreements

Getting Married? Think first about a prenuptial (pre-marital) agreement.


Who should have a pre-marital agreement

  • People with children from prior relationships
  • Partners with different amounts of wealth coming into the marriage, including inherited wealth
  • Partners with a big age gap between them
  • Anyone who wants help having an open conversation about financial planning in their marriage

Pre-marital Planning

Pre-marital agreements ideally should be discussed before you set a wedding date; the earlier the better, but better late than never. Pre-marital agreements must be signed BEFORE the wedding.



Candid and open conversations about money—how much each partner has, how much each partner owes, what beliefs each holds about money, how to agree on how much to spend and how much to save–-are crucial if the marriage is to survive.  One of the biggest predictors of divorce is a failure to share a common view of money.  It’s hard to make a marriage work if spouses don’t agree and aren’t open with each other about money, how to use it and what it represents.

Contact Elaine Silver to discuss if you should have a pre-marital agreement, how you and your partner can work together to craft one, and what it will cost.



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