“Divorced with Dignity. I was so overwhelmed by the thought of divorce and concerned for my children. At times the anger, anxiety and self doubt seemed unbearable. Elaine was so wonderful at keeping me calm and focused. She helped me get through the process with dignity. She helped me to concentrate my energies on the outcome for me and my kids and not get bogged down in the mire of day to day hostilities (and thoughts of revenge!). Ultimately, the result was what was right for all of us, and at a much smaller price tag. I walked away from divorce with my head held high. I have no doubts that my decisions were in my best interests and the best interests of my children. Four years later, I consider Elaine my divorce attorney, my spiritual guru, and my friend. I wholeheartedly recommend Elaine Silver to anyone who can get past the need to draw blood from her ex and do what’s right for her children.” ~ D