“Not only a fantastic divorce lawyer but also a great person. I was attempting to handle my divorce on my own. The day after my doctor told me that my blood pressure had gone up 40 points I hired Elaine Silver to be my divorce attorney. My blood pressure went back down to normal. My doctor thought it was fruits and vegetables….I know it was Elaine. Elaine is very good at helping the client stay on track. She is an excellent collaborative lawyer but can also deal with an adversarial situation. She is an excellent advisor, but she is also smart enough to realize that she works for the client…not the other way around. She was spot on with the right approach. If I could give Elaine more than five stars I would. That is the difference that she has made in my life. I was dreading going through the divorce proceedings but Elaine lifted the burden from me and helped me ride it through to completion.” ~ J