Less Expensive:  Mediating a divorce with a neutral skilled family mediator can be a less expensive path to divorce. Elaine often meets with couples without lawyers to help them reach agreement.

Couples Control Outcomes:  In mediation the couple keeps control over the outcome of the divorce instead of lawyers or a judge.  Mediation gives the two people who have the most knowledge of the economic and emotional situation to shape the divorce, putting the children front and center.

Confidential:  All conversations with the Mediator are private.  Couples meet with Elaine acting as the impartial mediator, for as few or as many two-hour sessions as it takes to reach agreement.   Couples can figure everything out before any papers are filed with the court, or at any time after divorce papers have been filed.  Typically agreements are reached in 3 to 5 meetings.

Florida law requires couples to mediate before they can bring their case to a Judge. With voluntary mediation couples can work with a mediator at the beginning of the process, before filing with the court.  Both spouses have the opportunity to work through challenging issues in a safe and non-judgmental space.  Mediation encourages empathetic, practical and creative solutions.  Mediated settlements create a solid foundation for restructured families to go forward with their lives.  In mediation couples learn how to communicate with each other to solve problems, even if they can’t stay married.

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