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Collaborative Divorce is a new process that focuses on the future and puts children first. With Collaborative Divorce spouses are in the driver’s seat, (not lawyers, not judges). Couples work together to shape their futures.

In about 95% of all divorces clients eventually come to agreement without asking a Judge to make decisions for the family.  Collaborative Divorce helps couples form agreements that work for both of them. Collaborative Divorce is not about “who wins,” but asks instead, “how can we all win.”

Collaborative Divorce is a private process. Each spouse has a Collaborative lawyer. Those lawyers will NOT go to court. They invest all their energy in helping the couple to figure out solutions privately. All financial information is gathered by one neutral financial expert. A Facilitator with mental health training is engaged to help heal the fresh wounds so the spouses can make good decisions together, including parenting decisions when there are children . The approach is “Let’s look for another way to solve this problem that we both can live with,” rather than “We’ll crush you in court!”

Collaborative Divorce keeps the family focused on their goals for the future.  In contrast, the traditional litigation process looks backward, which keeps the family stuck at the worst moments of their lives. The Collaborative Process is rooted in the whole span of the couple’s life together, not just the most recent turmoil.

Collaborative Divorce lawyers are highly trained to help clients access their best selves to constructively reach a divorce agreement. This approach keeps decisions in the hands of the family. The spouses and the Collaborative Professionals form a team which works together openly, rather than competing camps out to hurt the other side.

Collaborative Divorce abandons the myth that a Judge can solve problems better than the divorcing parties themselves—who have the most at risk and the most to lose. The destructive impact of a contested divorce in court is avoided.

Collaborative Process is for all families–married and unmarried, traditional and LGBTQ – who want to move forward quickly and positively. 

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Collaborative Divorce Packet

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12 Page Collaborative Practice “Knowledge Kit” which contains:

Collaborative Divorce vs. Litigation Divorce Comparison (p. 2)

Case Studies that highlight the Collaborative Divorce Process (p. 3)

Collaborative Practice Overview (p. 4 – 12)

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